As debut release nears...
Only Real

London urchin Only Real has posted new track 'Blood Carpet' ahead of his debut release.

Still not old enough to get a round in at his local, London producer Only Real has already marked himself out as one of 2013's most impressive newcomers.

Working with rising label ASL, the producer is set to release 'Backstreet Kissers' on January 28th. The sort of flamboyantly inventive material which can only come from someone young enough to not know any better, Only Real matches grimy beats to shards of guttural guitar.

Flipside 'Blood Carpet' has now emerged online. A nice counterpoint to the A-side, this new track showcases Only Real's unceasing imagination.

Listen to it below.

- - -

Only Real is set to release 'Backstreet Kissers' on January 28th. The producer has confirmed the following show:

28 London Shacklewell Arms

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