It's their new single...
NIght Engine

Night Engine are streaming their new single 'Give Me A Chance' via ClashMusic - listen to it below.

Life in a city is never quiet. From the rush of the night bus to the mechanised trundle of the underground, from the blur of police sirens to the hustle of the busy street crowd, city life is never still.

Yet equally, city life doesn't have a soundtrack. Night Engine have become fascinated by the metropolis, and have vowed to sculpt 'the music of the city'.

It's a bold statement. Earning increasing praise since the opening weeks of 2013, new single 'Give Me A Chance' is all mechanised funk, pop with a tech twist. Out on May 27th, flip 'Young And Carefree' has already emerged online.

As a Monday treat, ClashMusic are able to bring you 'Give Me A Chance' as an exclusive stream. Bright, fun pop music it has all the energy of Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon - but with none of the pushing and shoving.

Listen to it now.

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'Give Me A Chance' is set to be released on May 27th.

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