Things get ravey...

Lone has stepped in to supply a deft, rave inspired re-working of Nathan Fake's recent cut 'Paean'.

Nathan Fake has come of age. A Border Community mainstay, his exploratory take on techno had already resulted in two bewitching albums before the producer stepped into the studio for 'Steam Days'. Released earlier this year, it seemed to bring the potential of those early releases to blissful prominence.

Since then, Nathan Fake has played a number of live shows and won widespread attention. Set to support Orbital on their Autumn tour, the producer intends to release a one off EP of remixes to coincide with these prominent dates.

Album track 'Paean' receives three different re-workings, with Lukid and Coda stepping into the breach. R&S wunderkind Lone delivers the pick of the bunch, though, with a rave inspired re-working which seethes with a rare kind of melancholy. Stretching out to the five minute mark, it nods towards great R&S releases of the past whilst also setting its sights on the future.

Stream it below.

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'Paean' is set to be released on December 3rd.


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