Sweden via Barbados...
Naomi Pilgrim

Sweet and sour, hot and cold.

Naomi Pilgrim is Swedish, but owes her heritage - and a fair chunk of her life - to Barbados. In a sense, she's an artist out of place: there's the continual interplay between pop and underground, old and new, Scandinavian climate and Caribbean sunshine.

In all honesty, little biographical information has yet emerged. A former Lykke Li backing singer, her solo turn on 'No Gun' has temperatures raised and pulses accelerating.

The production is slick yet affecting, with those syrupy, slowed down R&B beats matched to a languid, late night feel. There are hints of steel drums on those sharp, prickly melodies, while Naomi Pilgrim's voice is sheer velvet soul.

"Seasons will come and go, summer sun will turn to snow..."

Listen to it now.

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