Incredible fusion of UK bass and Egyptian street culture...
Mumdance mixtape artwork

Earlier this year, the street sounds of Egypt began to impact upon British shores.

Electro chaabi is hugely popular with the young people of Egypt, growing out of the 'chaabi' - 'for the people' - scene of the late 70s. Colliding with freely available (albeit pirated) software, a new generation began fusing this Egyptian sound with Western electronic influences.

Mahragahnat - 'festival' - is a strain of the electro chaabi scene, with some comparing it to London's grime and dubstep communities. A recent project funded by the British council and Rinse FM matched a number of young British producer against their Egyptian counterparts, with some fascinating results.

Mumdance was involved - alongside Pinch, Kode 9, Faze Miyake and Artwork - working alongside local Mahraganat & Electro Chaabi musicians such as Sadat, Kanaka, Dezel, Alaa Fifty, Figo and Islam Chipsy.

Piecing together a special mixtape for Dummy, the results are some of the finest, most exhilarating things the Clash team has listened to all week.

Here's Mumdance: "This mixtape was a pleasure to put together, and every single track is brand new and exclusive. It draws a number of tracks that we made over the week together, and shows a lot of the parallels between the UK and Egypt. I tried my hand at making some Mahraganat tracks, and the Egyptian MC jumped on some of my grime instrumentals and over a more dubstep-orientated one from Pinch. Also, one of the producers, Dezel did a Mahraganat mix of Wiley’s Eskimo which is in there too. For me though, the highlights are the purely Egyptian tracks - they show us how its done properly."

Check out the full interview with Mumdance over on Dummy.

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