Taken from her new EP...
Misty Miller

Misty Miller is gearing up to release her second EP 'Next To You' on May 12th - listen to a preview below.

The sweet with the sour, the rough with the smooth... Introducing herself with debut EP 'Girlfriend' earlier this year, Misty Miller displayed a somewhat split songwriting persona.

Capable of sugar sweet pop moments, the young artist was also clearly in thrall to the garage rock thrills of vintage Stooges or even Detroit group The Gories. Influences which are readily apparent on her next release.

'Next To You' is set to be released on May 12th, a five song EP which displays a songwriting talent rapidly coming into bloom.

By way of a preview, ClashMusic have been granted the exclusive stream of 'Anything For You'. Essentially a love song, Misty Miller allows her passion to boil over, with the vocal straying away from pop territory and into something unhinged, something desperate.

With the singer even stepping in on co-production duties, 'Anything For You' matches both sides of Misty Miller's personality.

Listen to it below.

'Next To You' is set to be released on May 12th.


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