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Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles is streaming her new EP online now - listen to 'Easier To Hide' below.

With those pesky End Of Year polls almost upon us once again, one name will loom large. Through her remixes, original productions and mixes Maya Jane Coles has absolutely dominated 2012 winning across the board acclaim.

Performing live on virtually every continent, Maya Jane Coles recently travelled to Mexico for Day Of The Dead. Returning to the UK, the producer is focussing on her upcoming debut full length and new EP 'Easier To Hide'.

The title cut has been a staple of the producer's set for some time, and now finally gained an official release. Alongside this, Maya Jane Coles attaches new tracks 'Over', 'Run With The Wild' and 'Back To Square One' for the four track release.

It's a remarkably self-contained document. Four slices of sultry, system ready house music the EP never sits still for long with Coles expertly toying with different sounds, different tempos.

Stream it below.

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'Easier To Hide' is out on December 10th.


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