From his new solo album...

Martin Rossiter has unveiled new cut 'No One Left To Blame', taken from his upcoming solo album.

Often seen as a labyrinth of beer-sodden, football-loving LADS the Britpop era produced more than its fair share of outsiders. Luke Haines, for one, or even Jarvis Cocker - while Martin Rossiter remains unjustly dis-regarded.

Lead singer with Gene, the songwriter scored ten Top 40 singles and sold more than a million records before the band shuddered to a halt in 2004.

Taking time away from music, Martin Rossiter is back. Funded by PledgeMusic, new album ‘The Defenestration of St Martin’ will be released on November 26th and ends a prolonged period in the wilderness for the singer.

ClashMusic have been granted an exclusive preview. 'No One Left To Blame' is a beautiful, introspective piece of songwriting that finds Martin Rossiter spewing out his emotions across a series of threadbare piano chords.

Listen to it below.

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'The Defenestration of St Martin' is set to be released on November 26th. Tracklisting:

Three Points on a Compass
I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone
No One Left To Blame
Sing It Loud
Where There Are Pixels
I Must Be Jesus
My Heart’s Designed for Pumping Blood
Drop Anchor
Darling Sorrow
Let the Waves Carry You

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