Acoustic ballad re-worked...
Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman's upcoming single 'Bath Is Black' has been re-worked by dance producer Hackman - listen to it below.

Marika Hackman is intimidatingly young. A precocious young talent, her soft, pure voice is hidden behind a mane of yellow hair which tumbles down across her face.

The Charlie Andrew produced EP 'That Iron Taste' emerged earlier this year, all hazy, psych tinged folk tones and softly melancholic lyrics. Lifted from said EP, new single 'Bath Is Black' is out now, and is perhaps the singer's most fully realised document yet.

Lyrically, Marika Hackman is blossoming, with cute concrete details adding to insight that belies her years. Availably via Dirty Hit, the single will come equipped with a curious remix.

Dance producer Hackman is actually the songwriter's brother, and he has stepped in to re-work 'Bath Is Black'. Leaving the vocals largely intact, the beatsmith re-arranges the song - throwing in a touch of bass and clipped, electronic rhythms under her voice.

Listen to it below.

Check out the original here.

'Bath Is Black' is out now.

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