Intriguing new project...
Lover Lover

Lover Lover have posted new track 'Lakeshore Line' - listen to it now.

Lover Lover owe their origins to the reclining decadence of Montmatre - once the hub of the Parisian arts scene, the fading buildings and greying streets are almost hopelessly romantic.

Hinging on Eleanor Bodenham, the gossamer pop draws on the synth work of the Eurhythmics or the slick AOR of Fleetwood Mac - something Bodenham readily admits.

"I remember the bass line in The Chain when I was a kid, how it changed the tempo of my heart and made me feel something... I also had a slightly out-of-control crush on Stevie Nicks as a five-year-old."

Martin Craft and Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun) assisted throughout the production of debut album 'There Is A Place', although both have now exited for personal reasons.

New cut 'Lakeshore Line' is online now. 'Rumours' meets 'On The Road' there's an innate restlessness, of the search for a home which filters through everything bearing the Lover Lover name.

Listen to it now.

'There Is A Place' is set to be released on November 18th.

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