Taken from 'Covered Up With Flowers'

Stream Lissie's new cover of the Kid Cudi track 'Pursuit Of Happiness' on ClashMusic now.

Lissie stole our hearts with 'Catching A Tiger'. Her debut album, the LP had the sound of someone who was in effortless control of her songwriting.

Since then, the American artist has toured the world - introducing a few covers into her set in the process. Deciding to lay some of these down on tape, new EP 'Covered Up With Flowers' is set to be released on February 19th.

As a special teaser, ClashMusic has obtained Lissie's version of the Kid Cudi track 'Pursuit Of Happiness'. Listen to it below.

A quick quote from Lissie about the track: “I was home in Rock Island, Illinois with a life-long friend of mine, it was summer and about 3 in the morning. She put that song on and it was like this perfect moment - the lyrics, the vibe, all of it! I love the defiance in it and I just love performing it because it helps towards getting out my aggression and makes me feel strong overall.”

‘Covered Up With Flowers' is set to be released on February 19th. Tracklisting:

'Pursuit Of Happiness' by Kid Cudi
'Go Your Own Way' by Fleetwood Mac
'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga
'Games People Play' by Joe South
'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica
'Ship Song' by Nick Cave

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