South London talent returns...
Lisa Knapp

In a way, Lisa Knapp is both timeless and ahead of her time.

Influenced by the British folk tradition, the South London songwriter released her debut album in 2007. Critically acclaimed at a time when Laura Marling was a relative unknown and Mumford & Sons had nary a shiny chilling to rub together, it's taken the artist more than five years to construct a follow up.

Now she's ready to return. New album 'Hidden Seam' is set to be released on September 14th, and finds Lisa Knapp interacting with folk music on a rather more intimate, molecular level.

Sure, the structure of the songs, their questing spirit owe much to traditional methodology. Yet there's a willingness to think outfit the box which results in flecks of electronics, looped vocals and more.

Featuring the late Val Waterson, her daughter Mary Waterson and Scottish songwriters James Yorkston and Alasdair Roberts. Clash are able to stream the title cut, which features Lisa Knapp's soft voice and her gleeful excitement at being afforded the space to experiment.

Listen to it now.

'Hidden Seam' out on September 16th.

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