Spoken word meets house?

Spoken word artist Kate Tempest guests on letthemusicplay's new single 'Our Town'.

On the surface, spoken word poetry and house music are not easy bedfellows. After all, spoken word thrives on solitary performance, while house is a deeply communal experience.

Yet the new single from letthemusicplay seems to being both together. Signed to Greco-Roman, the production team recently crossed swords with Kate Tempest.

A highly acclaimed writer and performer, Kate Tempest recently won the Ted Hughes award for innovation in poetry - the first person under 40 to claim the prize.

Adding her vocals to letthemusicplay's production, 'Our Town' is the driving, unrelenting result. Out on September 16th, the single is all day-glo house vibes and Tempest's unmistakeable wordplay.

On paper a bizarre, somewhat incongruous partnership - in actuality, a bit of a banger.

Listen to it below.

'Our Town' is set to be released through Greco-Roman on September 16th.

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