Full stream of 'What You Came For'

A full stream has emerged of Katy B's Mosca-indebted single 'What You Came For'.

Ah, the long tangled story of 'Bax'. Mosca's speed garage tribute, it's contagious melody line and irresistible shuffle turned it into one of 2011's most ubiquitous dancefloor tracks.

Earlier this year, Katy B confirmed plans to produce a vocal cut. Given its first play on Rinse, radio rips immediately appeared online with fans debating its merits.

Now a full stream has emerged. 'What You Came For' finds Katy B leaving the original rhythm intact, while her words are built almost entirely around the original melody. It's a slightly surreal experience for those who witnessed the system saturation of 'Bax' - but if it takes Mosca into the charts then we're all for it...

Listen to what you came for below.


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