Dark mirror to the Golden Age sound...
Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ has posted the Lee Bannon produced cut '95 Til Infinity' online - listen to it below.

Joey Bada$$ has always admitted a debt to a sound which is not his own. Still in his teens, the rapper can barely remember a time when Biggie and Tupac were alive, yet he draws directly from the well of inspiration which produced that golden era of Stateside hip hop.

New tape 'Summer Knights' was scheduled to drop today (June 13th) but its release has now been pushed back to July 1st.

By way of an apology, Joey Bada$$ has uploaded new track '95 Til Infinity'. A clear nod to Souls of Mischief, this new production owes little to the up-til-dawn atmospherics of '93 Til Infinity'.

A dark, dank track, the Flatbush prodigy raps over a dense Lee Bannon beat, giving one of his most introverted performances to date.

Check it out below. (via FACT)

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