Taken from 'Key To The Kuffs'

JJ DOOM have posted new cut 'Guv'nor' taken from upcoming album 'Key To The Kuffs'.

DOOM walks among us. The iconic rapper has settled in South London, and now goes about his business as the hustle and bustle of the city unfolds around him.

It's a lifestyle which dominates the rapper new album. A full collaboration with producer Jneiro Jarel, 'Key To The Kuffs' will be released on August 20th with a new track appearing online this afternoon.

'Guv'nor' is a typically dense work, with DOOM seemingly alienated amidst the mass of London. Allowing local references to spill over into his work, it's an intriguing track that augers well for the new album.

Listen to it below.

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Earlier this year Clash writer Miguel Cullen caught up with DOOM for an extremely rare interview. Amongst the many pearls of wisdom offered by the rapper: “I’m making music the whole time, wherever I’m at I’m absorbing things to put into my music. Anything can trigger off an idea. When we get to an idea is one stage, and then we sketch it out later. It’s a twenty-four-hour-a-day job, it never goes off. Even when I’m half-asleep, I’m thinking about the next line, like ‘damn!’”

Read the full interview HERE.

'Key To The Kuffs' will be released on August 20th.

Photo Credit: Klaus Thymann

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