Listen: How To Dress Well - Words I Don't Remember

"What remains of true love in this world of simulations?"
How To Dress Well

Tom Krell tends to fall in love deeply, completely.

Focussing his feelings into his music, the producer picked the name How To Dress Well as an alter ego.

2012's 'Total Loss' was a wonderful document (Clash review HERE) a completely realised update of the R&B template for the 21st century.

Since then, Krell has hit the road, playing countless shows in the process. A few moments ago, How To Dress Well posted new cut 'Words I Don't Remember' - his first new track since 'Total Loss'.

"This song for me is about love, trust, commitment" he explains, "and what happens to these things and, like, what happens to really real love when sentimentality is so co-opted and ruined. What remains of true love in this world of simulations?"

Check it out below.

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