Ahead of their Salford residency...

Hookworms thrive on a sense of community.

The band's MJ is a well respected producer in his own right, as well as performing with a few other righteous collectives.

With their debut album scorching ear-drums in 2013, Hookworms made plenty of friends on the road. Working on material for a follow up, the group are set to preview material with a pair of special Salford shows.

Taking place this weekend at the Islington Mill venue, the band want to unveil their new songs amongst friends. With that in mind, Hookworms have pieced together a hand-built bill featuring some of the most intriguing young bands in the country.

Tonight (May 30th) Hookworms will be joined by Faux Discx newcomers Omi Palone alongside cult Manchester collective Sex Hands. Alongside this, Novella are set to perform, with the band currently shattering their indie pop visage in favour of something dark, more physical and downright impressive.

Tomorrow night (May 31st) the hosts are set to play alongside drone rock outfit Vision Fortune, Brighton group Sealings and the dystopian sounds of Moon Gangs. As if that wasn't enough, Cold Pumas will be on hand to supply support, while long term Clash favourites Mazes are also due to take to the stage.

In all, it's an imposing line up: one which emphasises ideas over hype, energy over slick production and a DIY ethos over major label values. Throw in Hookworms and have two pretty impeccable line ups, if you ask us (and well you might).

Ahead of this, Hookworms have pieced together a playlist featuring music from each band on the bill.

Check it out below.

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