Debut album approaches...

Leeds' debauched psych hopefuls Hookworms have placed a preview of their debut album 'Pearl Mystic' online.

If guitar music really is set to make a comeback in 2013, then the answer could well lie in the North of England. For the past four decades the post-industrial cities of the North have been supplying us with fantastic guitar music and, given that it's over five minutes since the last one arrived, the area is perhaps overdue a defining new band.

Listening to their drawn out, lysergic hymns suggests that Hookworks could well fit the bill. Whereas most contemporaries are crafting day-glo party hits the Leeds band are unashamed to let themselves go on a bit of a downer, exploring ragged psychedelic odes in the process.

Releasing a few limited EPs, Hookworms are now plotting their debut album. 'Pearl Mystic' will be released on March 4th and represents the band's boldest statement to date - tracklisting below.

1. Away / Towards
2. Form And Function
3. i
4. In Our Time
5. Since We Had Changed
6. Preservation
7. ii
8. What We Talk About
9. iii

Here's sample track 'In Our Time' in all its ragged glory.

- - -

Hookworms are set to release 'Pearl Mystic' on March 4th.


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