As debut EP 'In The Half Light' approaches...
High Hazels

Golden melodies from a rainy Northern town.

We've been down that road before, haven't we? The North of England has produced some of the country's most inspiring guitar acts, establishing a lineage which runs from Buzzcocks to The Smiths, Shack to The Coral.

High Hazels sit neatly in this continuum. Debut EP 'In The Half Light' is the Byrds if they'd grown up in a small Yorkshire town, Love if they'd spent more time tripping on the bus to Sheffield.

Out on April 7th, the EP contains four tracks of golden melancholia, four nuggets of wistful psychedelia delivered with a garage edge.

Direct, down to Earth and uniquely Northern, new cut 'Summer Rain' is online now.

Check it out below.


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