Curiously inverted electronics...
Gold Panda

Gold Panda has placed new track 'We Work Nights' online - listen to it below.

Working at night is a curious experience. Try as you might, the human body never quite accepts that this is normal, as if the sub-conscious is rejecting the juxtaposition between labour and twilight.

Gold Panda has plenty of experience in this. Before finding success as a producer, the London based artist was forced to work all kinds of menial jobs, with tortuous hours stretching out towards dawn.

Focussing on this, Derwin has fused these nocturnal feelings with some expansive electronics. 'We Work Nights' is seemingly inspired by working "at 4am at Stansted airport helping idiots onto buses to get to the long stay car park, paper rounds, working in a hospital car park giving tickets to the badly-parked bereaved.. this song is dedicated to anyone getting paid shit money to work terribly unsociable hours."

The results are pretty special. 'We Work Nights' has a slumped, knackered groove reminiscent of someone who's not quite sure if they should still be awake or not. However the synths have a real definition, the curiously sharp attention of someone who won't be out of here for a few hours yet...

Of course, there's a nudge and a wink towards rave culture in there, too.

Listen to it below.

Gold Panda is set to release new album 'Half Of Where You Live' on June 10th.


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