New 12 inch in the works...
Gold Panda

Gold Panda is set to release new 12 inch 'If U Knew' later this year.

A meticulous producer, Gold Panda's second album 'Half Of Where You Live' was the results of several month's worth of work. Crafting different versions of each track, the producer built up a massive arsenal of new material.

With plenty left over, the London based artist has decided to press a new 12 inch. The six track 'Reprise' EP comprises of alternative and new variations of two tracks from Gold Panda's recent album, with the producer placing a new track online a few moments ago.

One of the stand outs on 'Half Of Where You Live', 'If U Knew' is a patient, hypnotic piece of electronic wizardry. The extended version only enhances these qualities, with the 'Long Live Take' stretching out past the five minute mark.

Listen to it now.

'Reprise' is set to be released on November 11th. Tracklisting:

A1) Community (Fort Romeau remix) - stream here
A2) Community (Album version)
A3) Community (Original demo)

B1) If U Knew (Reprise Long Live Take)
B2) Reprise (T Hemingway remix) - stream here
B3) Reprise (Album version)

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