All out house assault...
Glass Figure

Paris has always been a focal point for style, grace and elegance.

However the past decade has seen the French capital turn those attributes into a bustling house scene. With labels such as Ed Banger and Kitsune still enjoying peerless profiles, the city is continuing to churn out provocative new talents.

Glass Figure seem ready to claim their place at the forefront of the French scene. A duo, their finely honed production - tasteful without losing its edge, playful while remaining serious - has turned them into the name to drop in Paris this summer.

New single 'I Need You' is set to drop on Chateau Marmont's label Chambre 404, with Stella Le Page dropping by on guest vocals. The original is pop perfection, all glistening synths and Page's effortless croon rippling over the top.

As a treat, though, Clash are able to bring you a remix by none other than Chateau Marmont himself.

Crisp, fun electro-house, you can listen to it below.

'I Need You' is out now.

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