As part of the NORTH project...

Gaggle are streaming new track 'Earth' - recorded as part of the NORTH project.

Scandinavia has an unusually rich sense of history. Stretching back centuries, the area has built up a dense mythology which is still being referenced by contemporary artists.

The NORTH project aims to keep this process going. Handing historic melodies to new songwriters, new lyrics are written in English by the project’s creator MaJiKer.

Drawing on resources from Iceland, Sweden and Norway, the project utilises a wide variety of artists, performers and more. London based all-female choir GAGGLE took part in NORTH, helping to re-work 'Krummavísur' into 'Earth'.

It's a vast, choral affair, stirring both in arrangement and subject matter.

Listen to it below.

Gaggle will re-join the NORTH project when it breezes into the Royal Albert Hall on June 11th.

Ticket link.

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