Newcomer with a familiar face...

Initially, no one knew who Fyfe was.

All intrigued onlookers had to go on were a handful of mp3s, who didn't seem to fit into any pigeonhole afforded to them. Sure, there's a glitchy, electronic element but the songwriter seems to lean on the indie rock sphere at times.

Snippets of guitars come and go, but what really captured your attention is that voice - pure yet faltering, confident yet fragile it seemed to hint at any number of possibilities.

As it happens, you may well have heard of Fyfe before. The moniker is owned by Paul Dixon, who used to record as David's Lyre but following the breakdown of a deal with Mercury the songwriter decided to shift his name and direction, allowing his music to lay out a new game plan.

Debut EP 'Solace' is available to pre-order now, and - going by what we've heard thus far - Fyfe is rapidly blossoming into something quite special. Take new track 'Lies' - off kilter pop music with a bittersweet heart, it's faltering rhythm and sweet melodies are hopelessly contagious.

Listen to 'Lies' below.

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