With guest vocals from Femme...

FTSE has unveiled new track 'Lost In Translation' - featuring guest vocals from Femme.

Bursting into view at the same time as temperatures rose across the country, FTSE's music has matched our weather-based euphoria. Fond of collaboration, the Leicester based artist recently unveiled sizzling new tracks with Bipolar Sunshine and Saint Saviour.

Working with Lucky Number, FTSE is now gearing up for the release of new 12 inch 'FTSE II'. 'Lost In Translation' borrows from rave's revolutionary template, with the looping percussion even nodding towards the fabled Amen break.

Femme is on hand for vocals, adding something seductively melancholic to the mix. It's an intriguing mixture - propulsive and powerful, yet with a fragile edge which draws you in.

It's the story of a comedown, of the exhaustion which follows the weekend's release. As Femme puts it during the chorus: "Never again, until next weekend. I just gotta get some sleep and I'll be fine".

Listen to it below.

'FTSE II' is set to be released on September 30th.

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