A homage to pirate radio...
Kool FM

Four Tet has shared the full stream of his forthcoming 12 inch 'Kool FM'.

Kieren Hebden is going completely independent. The producer recently signalled a new album from his Four Tet moniker, with 'Beautiful Rewind' due for release via his own Text Records imprint.

Using Twitter to communicate to fans, Four Tet handed album cut 'Kool FM' to radio earlier this week. Rips immediately emerged online, with the track's rough edged production causing endless debate.

'Kool FM' is named in honour of a 90s pirate radio station, instrumental in the development of jungle and drum 'n' bass. The track itself doesn't absorb these styles, but the heavy drop, the cut up feel and the chopped vocals samples all hint at the anarchy which lay behind pirate culture.

However some producers have spoken out against the track. Zomby has blasted Four Tet on Twitter, recently stating: "still pissed u have the audacity to call a bait tune 'kool fm' when youre about as much to do with jungle as i am with heavy metal".

This one may run and run...

Listen to 'Kool FM' below.

'Kool FM' is due to hit record shops next week.

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