Taken from a new Non Plus compilation...
Four Tet

Four Tet has posted new track 'For These Times' - taken from the Non Plus compilation 'Think And Change'.

Run by Boodika, Non Plus has been continually producing the goods for some time now. Sure, it helps that the label's boss is one of electronic music's most sought after talents, but the roster itself is impeccably handled and endearingly eclectic.

This morning (March 11th) Non Plus released a new compilation to toast their 4th anniversary. 'Think And Change' contains some exclusive material, including tracks from the likes of Pearson Sound, Martyn, Basic Soul Unit and of course Boddika himself.

Four Tet placed his offering online a few moments ago. 'For These Times' opens with some heavy, jazz inflected bass sounds before Kieren Hebden introduces a tribal beat. Driving, driven electronic music the vocal sample has the same vital, inspiring edge which lifted 'Love Cry' into the heavens.

Stream it below.

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UPDATE: This afternoon a soundclip of Four Tet remixing Justin Timberlake's single 'Suit & Tie' emerged online. Following this, the producer placed the full file on his SoundCloud - our verdict? It's pretty good. Listen below.

'Think And Change' is out now.


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