New clip emerges...

A first clip from Mala's upcoming Cuban project has emerged online - stream it below.

Mala has a certain reputation. One half of Digital Mystikz, the producer is a rhythm man - continually evolving within the infinite universe of bass weight.

So when news dropped that the producer was working on a Cuban album, it seemed like a natural fit. Taken out to the island by Gilles Peterson, Mala has been working with a number of Cuban musicians.

Rinse FM host Chef played a clip from Mala's project recently, which bass journalist Joe Nice seems to think is called ‘Cuba Electronica’.

Stream the clip below.

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ClashMusic broke the news about Mala's Cuban album, with Gilles Peterson providing the initial info:

"One of the things I wanted to do on this latest album was to bring over Mala, the dubstep producer from Digital Mystikz. He’s a friend of mine and I wanted him to come over and I wanted to put an experiment together because he’s such a rhythm guy and he hadn’t been to Cuba before."

"So I basically took Mala over there with me and we spent the first few days recording Latin rhythms and we took those back to the UK and he’s been working on that. We went back and made the album, but when I was making the album I would be in studio one and all the musicians would come through and play a straightforward type of album. Then when they were done with me they would basically go through and see him and he would do his interpretation of the Cuban thing for his own album which is going to be coming out in February. February / March for our follow up album."

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