Taken from their new EP...
Face + Heel

Face + Heel have handed new track 'Fog & Night' to Clash - listen to it now.

There's a delicate, fragile thread running through dance music right now. A new breed of producers are demonstrating that electronics can be tender, that machines can produce something soulful, introverted.

Face + Heel are a fresh new duo from Cardiff, whose take on electronics is downbeat, pared down and wistful. Luke Taylor and Sinead McMillan signalled their arrival earlier this year, with 'Chipped Tooth' gaining a huge amount of attention online.

A full EP under the same name drops on September 30th, fusing skeletal programming to light, classically refined arrangements.

Ahead of this, Face + Heel have handed new cut 'Fog & Night' to Clash. Delicately poised, submerged in suggestion, the twinkling electronics mix with soothing vocals which hint at the mysteries of the night.

Beautifully pieced together comedown scene, you can listen to 'Fog & Night' below.

'Chipped Tooth' is set to be released on September 30th.

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