Brand new track emerges online...
Everything Everything

Everything Everything have posted their new track '+Pendolino' online - listen to it now.

Everything Everything don't hang about. Listen to their music - if the band want to introduce a new idea then they do it, with sudden changes and about-turns becoming their hallmark.

Recently returning with new album 'Arc' the band are showing no signs of slowing down. Confirming plans for a nationwide tour, the Manchester outfit slipped out a previously unreleased track earlier this week.

Hidden away on the flip of new single 'Duet', '+Pendolino' is an electronic instrumental. Showing another side to the group, Everything Everything retain the itchy, jerky rhythms which underpin their guitar work but replace analogue tones with digital.

Bassist Jeremy Pritchard:

"This track came about initially during a session with David Kosten at the very end of 2011. The idea was to spend three or four days in the studio but bring no prepared material, just work off the gear and see where it lead. I started with a Jupiter 8 synth arpeggiating at random, then David and I cut various loops out of it and added a few clicks whirrs. It remained in this state for over a year. We had always liked the loops (which we essentially regarded as an aping of Kraftwerk), though we had never found a home for it, so we just decided to make a very minimal instrumental out of it. I think I'm right in saying it's the first Everything Everything instrumental. Michael and I finished it with our friend Brometer (who had already remixed Cough Cough for us) at his studio in Chester, forming a structure, adding bits n pieces, including a piano with a tea towels wedged in it. It's cold calculation is sort of antithetical to its host A-Side too, which appeals to us too. Gotta keep it varied..."

Listen to '+Pendolino' below.


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