Hugely impressive new single...
Part Of The Echoes

Hotly tipped Manchester band Embers have unveiled new single 'Part Of The Echoes'.

Late last year ClashMusic were handed footage of a young Manchester group. Having barely played ten shows, Embers were rough, raw and not nearly ready to be thrust into the watching world.

Yet there was something there, something special. Heading back into the studio, the much tipped group are now ready for their first official release.

Embers are set to release new single 'Part Of The Echoes' on July 8th through Killing Moon Records. Available on seven inch vinyl, the flip belongs to 'Digital Daze'.

A short quote from the band introducing 'Part Of The Echoes': "When writing Part Of The Echoes we wanted it to be a cacophony of noise. We wanted to create a mini symphony in a song, for it to be an unrelenting swell of melody driven forward by crescendo after crescendo. The song’s about feeling powerless and victimised by circumstances that aren’t your own. It’s about the seething pressure of uncertainty. About the inevitable slip of opportunities that will never be presented. It’s about feeling like you’re part of the echoes and knowing you’ll never be heard".

Listen to it below.

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'Part Of The Echoes' is set to be released on July 8th.


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