"Dystopian dreams of our plugged-in future..."

The internet has changed the way we interact, the way we absorb new music.

After all, without the worldwide web you wouldn't be reading these words... right?

EMA has been pushed into the spotlight via some starkly emotional, quite intense songwriting. Given the personal nature of her work, the singer has been forced into a play off between her life and the way it is viewed.

New track '3jane' is an attempt to channel and explain these feelings further. Posted online, EMA has written a blog to accompany the track:

"No one was really ever that mean to me on the internet. I never had that “thing” that happens when you wake up one morning and somehow your life is ruined because a mortifying picture goes viral or a “funny” tweet becomes horribly misread. Sure, there were bitchy things in the comments of videos, but organized trolls never unleashed a wave of death threats on me, and only a few people suggested that I kill myself. So the internet never actually did that to me. But it did that to somebody. And now we all have this stupid crippling fear that someday it will happen to us. And the likelihood increases as you move from relative obscurity to becoming more broadly visible on the internet. There are more cameras on you, more chances to be quoted saying something stupid, and more people out there who relish seeing successful people disgraced and dethroned. Do you have that fear yet? Do you want it?"

EMA's new album 'The Future's Void' on April 7th.

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