Rapper returns on Odd Future cut

Earl Sweatshirt has announced his return with the new Odd Future track 'Oldie'.

So: the second Odd Future news story of the day. It'll be the last, we promise, but this one carries with it something special.

Returning from the wilderness earlier this year, Earl Sweatshirt caused a flurry of online activity. Missing from Odd Future for some time, the rapper finally emerged from the ether clutching new track 'Home'.

Tyler recently Tweeted that the rapper would not appear on new mixtape 'OF Tape Vol. 2'. However new track 'Oldie' features an extensive version from Earl Sweatshirt, taking up almost half the song.

Demonstrating his unbroken flow, the typically verbose lyricist proves that despite his lay off he remains at the cutting edge.

East Village Radio - good friends of Clash - have a stream of the track on their site. Click HERE to listen.

Looking at the rapper's Twitter feed, it seems that the rapper is in the middle of a productive phase: "ive slept roughly 6 hours over the last 4 days. #writing".

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