New mixtape emerges...

Digits has released a sublime new mixtape - download 'Death and Desire' now.

From the handful of tracks so far released, Digits has already left a deep impression. A Canadian living in London, his dark electronics tough on the romance of R&B but with an empty, hollow centre.

There's a nagging sense of melancholy, of displacement which marks Digits out. Now the producer has made his next move, releasing new mixtape 'Death and Desire' as a free download.

Heavy with the R&B slow jams, 'Death & Desire' is all noir shades and 'Blade Runner' atmospherics. Featuring some solo Digits cuts alongside three tracks from Bad Passion - a collaboration with Lesley Davies.

Throwing in an affecting tribute to legendary 60s folk icon Phil Ochs, 'Death & Desire' is a superb introduction to a new talent.

Stream the mixtape below.

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