All seven hours of it...
Daphni cover art

Daphni has posted his marathon seven and a half hour set from the Bussey Building online - listen to it now.

If you're going to launch an album then do it properly. Releasing 'JIAOLONG' earlier this year, Daphni decided to host a party at Peckham venue the Bussey Building to celebrate his new full length. Instead of packing the bill with friends and sitting close to the bar, Dan Snaith decided to take control of their entire event himself.

Playing a mammoth seven and a half hour set, the DJ ploughed through styles, genres and other boundaries in the process. As a special present to fans, Dan Snaith has decided to post the set online in its entirety.

"This is my DJ mix from the Daphni 'JIAOLONG' album release party at the Bussey Building in Peckham, London, UK" he wrote. "It was recorded live and performed with 3 Pioneer CDJ 2000s playing digital files, an E&S DJR400 mixer and a Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal. All 7.5 hours are here - warts and all. Apologies for the occasionally crunchy sound quality and periodic lapses in mixing. It's only split into two parts because it was too long to upload as one file".

Listen to the set below.

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Elsewhere, Daphni has also posted the Jane Eastlight directed video for 'Ahora' online.

Check it out below.


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