Stripped from new album 'The Age of Fracture'

CYMBALS have shared new track 'Winter '98' - listen to it below.

Secluded away in their very own pop laboratory, CYMBALS' evolution has been a joy to behold. Seemingly moving in whatever direction they please, the band's probing, intelligent synth-pop has rapidly blossomed.

New album 'The Age Of Fracture' will be released on January 27th, with Tough Love once again shepherding the material into the waiting world.

A snippet from new cut 'Winter '98' was initially heard in the short film which announced the album, with the visuals settling around a poem by Joe Dunthorne.

The full track is sublime electronic pop music, with the clipped guitars and blissful synths reminiscent of prime Metronomy. The title seems to refer to the Winter Olympics of 1998 - held in Japan - while the French language lyrics add a little... je ne said quoi.

Listen to it now.

'The Age Of Fracture' is set to be released on January 27th. CYMBALS are due to play the following shows:

4 London Electrowerkz
6 Belfast Limelight
7 Dublin Workman's Club
8 Cork Cyprus Avenue

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