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CYMBALS are streaming new single 'The End' - listen to it now.

CYMBALS are blossoming. The band formed in 2010, and initially struggled to find their feet. Since the release of 'Sideways, Sometimes' last year, though, the group have been fuelled by a rare sense of purpose.

Charging ahead, CYMBALS have prepared a new single for release this summer. Ominously titled 'The End' it clocks in at over seven minutes and is perhaps the most expansive, ambitious thing that the band have yet placed their name against.

"It's about the night and the night out, about being young, and being the only one, and, then, suddenly being older" singer Jack Cleverly explains. "But 'The End' is ultimately about dancing with your eyes closed to all of that".

Listen to it below.

CYMBALS are set to release new single 'The End' on July 22nd. Looking ahead, the band have confirmed a one off show with lighting designed by art-direction collective Sets Appeal:

13 London Shacklewell Arms

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