'Pull Me Down'
Mikky Clams

Clams Casino has stepped in to produce American newcomer Mikky Ekko - stream their collaboration 'Pull Me Down' below.

Born and raised in the deep South, Mikky Ekko came of age in Nashville. Labelled 'the Music City' by our Stateside cousins, the area's blend of country, gospel, blues, soul and hip hop fuelled the nascent performer in his search for a distinct voice.

Stripping apart each sound to find the most important elements, Mikky Ekko began encroaching on blog coverage earlier this year. Working with a raft of guest producers, Clams Casino has stepped in to form a formidable partnership.

Debut single 'Pull Me Down' is a sign of what to expect. All smoky production, atmospheric synths and slowed down, sticky-as-honey beats you can stream the single below.

- - -

Mikky Ekko is set to release his debut album next year.


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