New collaboration emerges...

DOOM has added some rhymes to new Clams Casino track 'Bookfiend'.

DOOM walks among us. The rapper is now at home in South London, which means that he probably tuts at the Time Out listings and openly complains about those delays on the Northern Line like the rest of us.

Taking time off after the latest JJ DOOM release, the rapper has made sporadic live appearances. Now, though, he seems to be ready to launch a new project - working alongside Clams Casino.

The producer placed a picture on Instagram last week, discussing the possibility of new material. It was all fairly illusive, but sharp eyed fans spotted a reference to DOOM's mask in the photograph.

This afternoon Clams Casino posted new track 'Bookfiend' online. It's a definite meeting of minds - the production has that dreamy, cloud like spring while DOOM's rhymes are effortlessly layered.

Seemingly part of a DOOM led project on Lex Records, you can listen to it below.

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