Taken from their new 'Obelisk' EP
Circle Traps

Circle Traps are set to return with new EP 'Obelisk' - check out a preview on Clash now.

Forming in 2010, Circle Traps have remained an illusive, elliptical presence on London's music scene ever since. Gigs have been sporadic, with releases thin on the ground but somehow the band's music has found a patient, devoted audience.

Featured on Bleep's Top 100 Tracks Of The Year - an assured recommendation if ever we saw one - Circle Traps now seem ready to burst back into life. New EP 'Obelisk' is due to be released on July 29th via Five Easy Pieces and promises to be something quite special.

A five track release, the title cut is already online. Spiritual, spiralling electronics with a melancholic yet melodic edge, 'Obelisk' has an adventurous side which sits well alongside the jazz world.

As a special treat, Clash is able to bring you a stream of new track 'Heatwave'. Powered by rippling cymbals crashes and snare cracks, there's a UK Garage bounce here which adds a buoyant edge to Circle Traps' experimental electronics.

Listen to it now.

'Obelisk' is set to be released on July 29th. Tracklisting:

1. Heatwave
2. Open Cube
3. Pop
4. Obelisk
5. Redshift


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