Chloe Howl

Brolin has stepped in to provide a smooth remix of Chloe Howl's new single 'No Strings'.

Chloe Howl is honest: explicitly, endearing and sometimes embarrassingly so. It's something which filters through to her music, matching the underground awareness of Jessie Ware with Lily Allen's filthy wit.

Except - y'know - ginger. New single 'No Strings' is the sort of wicked imagination which makes boys blush, which rips apart expectations placed on young female artists.

"I guess people don’t expect 18 year olds to own up and say: Oh hey guys! Yeah I drink alcohol and fool around," Howl says. "I don’t see the point in pretending this kind of stuff isn’t going on and acting as though everything’s like Glee. I’m my age so I’m gonna talk about how gross it is to be my age".

Out on August 26th, the track has been given a remix by Brolin. Languid textures and vocal effects combine to provide that late evening, hazy summer feel with the producer retaining the essential sexuality of the original.

It's enticing stuff - listen to it now.

'No Strings' is set to be released on August 26th.

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