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The current wave of instrumental grime is busy re-defining what the genre is capable of achieving.

Sparking a flurry of new music, the scene still hinges on a handful of vital tastemakers, a handful of DJs, producers and label owners intent on pushing forwards.

Butterz remain at the heart of the scene, with their Rinse show acting as a regular showcase for new artists. Last night, though, the crew decided to dig into the foundations of grime, digging out some extremely rare dubs in the process.

The results are incredible. Joined by Youngstar, Eastwood, P Jam and Wonder, hosts Elijah and Skilliam commit themselves to strictly old school grime.

Listen to it below.

Elijah x Skilliam take charge of FabricLive 75 - the launch party takes place at Fabric on May 16th. Check out a full feature on Butterz HERE.

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