Fascinating long form composition...
Bryce Hackford

Bryce Hackford is set to release new album 'Fair' through PRAH Recordings on December 6th.

The velocity of the internet has crushed the length of the average attention span. So it's heartening to see young producers who decide to smash past boundaries, experimenting in long form composition.

Based in New York, Bruce Hackford sits somewhere between the post-rock of Tortoise, the minimalism of Steve Reich and Detroit techno. New album 'Fair' drops later this year, and contains some startling pieces of music.

'Modern Propeller Music' contains 27 minutes of electric guitar, while 'Run-On Cirrus' is a lengthy, languid soundscape. Ahead of the release, Bryce Hackford has placed new cut 'Another Fantasy' online and it's a rippling, billowing, near industrial piece which stretches out past the eight minute mark.

Listen to it below.

'Fair' is set to be released on December 6th, through Moshi Moshi founder Stephen Bass' new experimental-led label PRAH Recordings.

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