All star project returns...
Broken Bells

Broken Bells have posted new single 'Holding On For Life' online - listen to it now.

On paper, Danger Mouse and James Mercer feel miles apart. After all, one is a renowned hip hop producer while the other has led The Shins to international success.

Yet, paired as Broken Bells, the duo would find widespread acclaim with their 2010 debut album. A follow up is in the works, with Broken Bells set to release new full length 'After The Disco' on January 14th.

Lead single 'Holding On For Life' is out today (November 5th) and it's a wonderfully other worldly piece of electronic pop. James Mercer turns in a neat Prince falsetto, while the production touches on blissful 80s Miami style vibes.

Listen to it below.

'After The Disco' is set to be accompanied by a short film bearing the same name. A prologue titled 'Part 1: Angel And The Fool' is online now, watch it below.

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