'Molten Gold' posted online...
The Chills

The Chills have posted new song 'Molten Gold' online - their first blast of fresh material in a decade.

During the punk era, New Zealand remained slightly isolated. Few bands toured the area, leading young music fans to simply develop their own scene. The Chills are perhaps the most defined, the most potent group to emerge from this era.

Silent for almost a decade, the group recently tied up a deal with Fire Records and began moving ahead.

New track 'Molten Gold' is online now. Written and produced by Martin Phillipps, it's a classic piece of songwriting from The Chills - lyrically astute, those trebly guitars cut through you like wire through glass.

"Molten Gold is the culmination of a lot of work by many people who have helped digitise and sort many of the hundreds of song ideas I have started over the last decade or two so that I can finally begin moving forward and completing songs" explains Phillipps. "The rest of The Chills have been with me many years now and were thrilled to finally get into the studio, have a lot of fun and produce something of real quality."

Listen to it below.

Seemingly more news from The Chills is on the way... stay tuned.


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