New collaboration emerges...
Boddika & Joy Orbison

The Christmas Number One, as we all well know, essentially doesn't mean anything any more.

But, nevertheless, there's always a backlash. Whether it's Rage Against the Machine, or this year (from the rave camp), Altern-8 or Joy Orbison / Boddika with 'Mercy VIP', you can raise your fist against the slurry of ballad-heavy drivel pouring forth out of James Arthur's successor.

How likely it is that either snatch the top slot is uncertain (we'd love to see that happen) but - good news! - the tech-house masterminds that are Boddika and Joy Orbison have just unleashed SUNKLOFAW on Joy O's Soundcloud page.

Two cuts ('More Maim' and 'In Here') have surfaced - both with classic hammer-hitting fervour, sure to bring hands high in the midst of the dance as did Joy Orbison's 'BRTHDTT', which was a dancefloor slayer throughout 2013, (thereby earning the 'tip!' element of its name).

Listen below.

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