It's not pretty...
Paul McCartney

The Bloody Beetroots have sampled Sir Paul McCartney - check out the results below.

Often seen as an arch rock icon, Sir Paul McCartney has always had an interest in electronic music. An outspoken fan of Stockhausen, it was McCartney who pushed for the tape-loop psychedelia on classic Beatles cut 'Tomorrow Never Knows'.

Forming The Fireman project with super-producer Youth, the pair released the well-received studio album 'Electric Arguments' back in 2008.

Now electro / fidget powerhouse The Bloody Beetroots have stepped in to sample McCartney's voice on a dancefloor heavy new cut. 'Out Of Sight' will be unveiled on Friday (June 14th) but a sneak preview has emerged online.

Sampling The Fireman's 'Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight' it features Macca's voice to the fore - alas, it's perhaps not the finest track to feature The Beatles icon...

Make up your mind below.

As for The Fireman itself, speaking to Digital Spy earlier this year Youth revealed that more material remains a possibility. "Hopefully, yeah. There's other projects I can't comment on at the moment because I'm not at liberty to, but there's definitely other interesting things happening" he said. "We first started that project 20 years ago, and we're still working on different Fireman projects."

"There's a longevity to it that I don't think would have happened if I'd been doing Paul McCartney solo albums, so I'm very happy I have that relationship with him."


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