New music from Sheffield...
Blood Sport

Sheffield newcomers Blood Sport are set to release new album 'Life In Units' next month - check out a preview track on Clash.

Something seems to be happening in Sheffield. Largely dormant after the glorious breakthrough of Arctic Monkeys, the city's guitar scene seems to be imbued with a rare energy.

Drenge are grabbing magazine covers left, right and centre, while groups such as Wet Nuns are adding a bracing ferocity to the Steel City's template.

The band most musicians in the city are actually talking about, though, is Blood Sport. A three piece who fuse the immediate attack of punk with the endless rhythmic possibilities of Afrobeat and high life, the group term their music 'Aggro-beat'.

Tongue in cheek, for sure, but whilst it's a great pun 'Aggro-beat' also neatly encapsulates the push/push dichotomy at the heart of Blood Sport's music. New track 'Palomar' opens with a jagged groove before the vocals cut in, all mystery, atmosphere and reverb.

Listen to it now.

Blood Sport are set to release new album 'Life In Units' on Hybrid Vigour Records on September 9th.

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