Montreal artist makes his next move...
'Young Bloods' artwork

Montreal's sprawling warehouse scene has afforded the city a chance to develop its own voice.

In whatever field it chooses, Montreal seems to impact a sense of character, an originality which fuses disciplines, genres.

Alex Fleming matches R&B textures with fractured electronics, all held together by his soft-as-butter voice. Bittersweet tracks that can cut you to the quick, the producer records and performs under the name Black Atlass.

Recently attracting the attention of Stateside powerhouse Fools Gold, new EP 'Young Bloods' will be released on February 18th. Lead track 'Blossom' is online now, a hopeless beautiful piece of music which perfectly showcases that Black Atlass style.

Speaking to Billboard, Fleming explained that the single was inspired by first love. "It describes a period in my life where I was experiencing something completely new and exciting and complicated and pure and all of those feelings were being shared, minute for minute with someone else. I wanted to capture that feeling, and be able to remember it and feel it again every time I hear or perform the song."

Listen to it below.

Black Atlass is set to release new EP 'Young Bloods' on February 18th.

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